Greenwich Wine and Food Festival 2014

Even though it’s a month away, we’re already looking forward to the Fourth Annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival on September 25-27. We were fortunate to attend the event last year and know that this year’s festival, featuring over 100 restaurants and vendors, will be just as much of a treat. Read below for information about the event as well as details on how to get your tickets!

The festival, presented by Serendipity magazine and benefiting Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, will take place Thursday, September 25 – Saturday, September 27 at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, Conn.  The festival will feature a Raw Bar wine tasting on Thursday, September 25, the Most Innovative Chefs Gala on Friday, September 26 and the Culinary Village on Saturday, September 27.

The official weekend kickoff on Thursday evening brings the First Annual Raw Bar wine tasting to the festival. The evening’s events will be held at L’escale Restaurant in Greenwich.

The Most Innovative Chefs Gala on Friday evening, with special guests Geoffrey Zakarian and Jean-Georges, will feature the 2014 Most Innovative Chef winners from restaurants across Fairfield and Westchester counties, as well as Jean-Georges, serving an incredible tasting menu. The evening will also include elite wines, premium liquor, an exclusive auction and a live musical performance by Marshall Tucker Band.

On Saturday, the Culinary Village, the center of the entire festival, will offer tastings and demonstrations from more than one hundred food, wine, spirits and product vendors. Culinary demonstration tents and stages will house cooking presentations by celebrity chefs and local talent. Guests will also enjoy sommelier presentations, a beer garden, celebrity chef book signings, the third annual Burger Battle, BBQ Pit Masters’ Tasting Tent and live musical performances by Alabama. For the first time this year, the event will also include a Top Bartender Showdown, Food Truck Corner and a special ticketed event, Tequila and Tostadas hosted by Aaron Sanchez.  The event will take place rain or shine at the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich.

Stay tuned next week for our interview with Suni Unger, Founder of and CEO of Unger Publishing, which publishes Serendipity. For tickets and more information, be sure to visit the Greenwich Wine and Food website. We hope to see you there!

Catching Up With Martie Duncan

A great season of Food Network Star recently ended with Lenny McNab being named the winner. We started watching the show two years ago and were immediately hooked! We recently caught up with Martie Duncan, a contestant from Season 8, to find out what she has been up to since the show.

Martie Duncan, contestant on Food Network Star Season 8.

Martie Duncan, contestant on Food Network Star Season 8.

FP: Two seasons of Food Network Star have passed since our last interview. Tell us what have you been up to. 

MD: Hard to believe it has been that long… 2 years! I have had so much fun; I’ve traveled the US for various live shows and appearances… everywhere from my home state of Alabama to Alaska.

As you know, earlier this year, I was called back to Food Network Star as one of two all-time fan favorites to compete in the Star Salvation episodes of Season 10. That was pretty thrilling-since it is the fans that matter most.

I also just launched a new website: – for now, my old site is still up until I have the chance to incorporate all of the content into my new site. I expect to merge them by the end of the year. I did every single bit of the site myself…. graphics to content to navigation…the whole thing.

FP: Time sure does fly! Any fun new projects or stories? 

MD: I’m currently working on a charity cookbook project that benefits our local library and I’m working (finally) on my own first book. I helped cook the world record pot of gumbo last year… over 5,000 pounds and we’re going to break that record in October this year if we can. I’ve appeared and also cooked at events with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks and opened up for Bobby Flay and Giada at different events. I invited several of my Season 8 cast mates to appear with me at different events in Alabama. Michele, Linkie, Nikki, Emily, and Ippy have all been here. I haven’t gotten Justin here yet. Maybe he will come when Alton is here in October. Wouldn’t that be fun?

FP: Justin and Alton together again? That would be interesting for sure!

Now that some time has passed, what advice has really stuck with you from your experience on FNS? How have you incorporated it into your regular practice and routine?

MD: I suppose the thing that has become practice is the way I organize in the kitchen before I cook. When I went to the show, I had never worked in a professional kitchen or taken a cooking class. I was a wanderer; I would waste way too much time looking around and make way too many trips to the pantry. It is a good thing I’m a pretty fast runner!  I had never worked in anyone else’s kitchen before so the first few episodes were a learning curve. I learned how to prep and organize from Justin Warner- he was a master at that skill since he has worked in restaurants his entire life and now is the chef in his own place.

I still hear Alton Brown in my head at times telling me to tell the end of the story first and then, if there is time, to work my way back to the beginning. That’s one I’m still trying to master. The clock will never be my friend.

This time around I’d say I learned that you should always speak up for yourself- don’t wait because it may be too late.

FP: One day, we’ll make it down to Birmingham, AL. Any new places in area or other cities you’ve visited that you recommend for good meals? 

MD: Goodness. Yes! Did you know I visited over 200 restaurants around Alabama last year? I visited 81 for my annual Alabama Restaurant Week campaign alone and sampled over 256 different dishes, desserts, and/or drinks as I made my way around the state. Many of them were in my hometown of Birmingham and it is very much a foodie town. We have our iconic restaurants like Chef Frank Stitt’s Highlands Bar & Grill, a finalist for the James Beard award for Restaurant of the Year for several years now. Chef Stitt also has three other restaurants: Chez Fonfon, Bottega and Bottega Cafe. I frequent all of them.

We have another Beard award winner in Chef Chris Hastings at Hot and Hot Fish Club. He also beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef. Because these chefs have trained so many other fine chefs, wonderful new places are popping up all the time.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. We have everything from soul food joints like Eagle’s Restaurant- Andrew Zimmern was there recently, landmark places like Fife’s and The Bright Star in Bessemer, which also received a Beard award as an American Classic…. and we have not even begun to talk about our BBQ joints! Anyone wanting restaurant recommendations in Alabama can hit me up. I probably have the perfect spot and likely even have photos to share from my travels.

FP: Sounds like we’ll have to book a trip! We have to ask, any new foodie pleasures? :)

MD: I just returned from a wonderful trip to Juneau, Alaska where I had things like salmon candy- like a salmon jerky of sorts– and my new friend Tracy from Tracy’s King Crab Shack treated me to some fresh, never been frozen King Crab that was absolutely divine. I went salmon fishing and caught a King and a Coho. Folks should put a week in Juneau on their bucket list… I can’t wait to go back one day.

FP: Sounds like we have another city to add to our list! It was great catching up with you Martie. We wish you continued success!

SoWe Food and Wine Festival 2014

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be in attendance at the Southern Westchester (SOWE) Food and Wine Festival. As residents of Westchester County, we’re really looking forward to the local event, which will be held September 19-21.

The SOWE Food & Wine Festival is a unique culinary celebration showcasing the talents of renowned restaurants, wineries, pit masters, cheese mongers, breweries, specialty culinary providers, spirits producers, chefs and culinary personalities. Hosted by the Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce and The Village of Mamaroneck, the Festival brings community together through food, wine, and beverage sampling, while generating awareness and raising funds to fight hunger, obesity and malnutrition. This fun-filled weekend also includes music concerts, book signings, cooking demos and even activities for kids. A full schedule of events is available on the festival’s website.

Curious about which chefs will be in attendance? A partial roster of celebrity chefs participating in this year’s festival includes: Dan Amatuzzi, Wine Director, Eataly, NYC (named a “30 under 30 to Watch” by Forbes), and Nick Coleman, Oleologist (olive oil specialist), Eataly (NYC). They will be conducting a wine and olive oil demonstration. Also, attendees can view culinary demonstrations from Franklin Becker; Kamal Grant, Owner and Chef of Sublime Doughnuts, Atlanta; Joe (JJ) Johnson, Chef of The Cecil in Harlem, NYC (named a “30 under 30 to Watch” by Forbes); Nisa Lee; Rafael Palomino and Dave DiBari. Look for some of your favorite personalities to be added to the schedule at a later date.

An important part of the SOWE Food and Wine Festival is giving back to the local community. This year’s beneficiaries include: WhyHunger, Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corp., Food Bank for Westchester, Greyston Foundation, and others. SOWE is also excited to partner this year with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), the world’s premier culinary college, which will be providing cooking demonstrations and tasty samples from their world famous restaurants.

For tickets and to learn more, be sure to visit the SOWE Food and Wine Festival’s website. We hope to see you there!

Entertainer in the Kitchen

If you’re anything like us, you were a little sad to see the most recent season of Food Network Star end mid-August. Fortunately, we were able to keep a some of the season’s momentum rolling when we caught up with contestant Chris Kyler. Read on to learn about how a Disney cookbook inspired his start in the kitchen as well as what he’s up to now that the season of FNS is over.

Chris Kyler. Photo courtesy of Kyler's A+ Catering.

Chris Kyler. Photo courtesy of Kyler’s A+ Catering.

FP: How did you get your start with cooking? 

CS: I got my start with cooking back at the age of 12. I remember my mother buying me a Disney cookbook and teaching me the basics of cooking. The first thing she ever taught me how to make was gravy! I was so amazed at the process that I wanted her to teach me more about cooking.

FP: What a great memory! Do you remember the first dish you ever created? 

CS: The first dish I’ve ever cooked on my own was my Mother’s soy and sesame marinated grilled chicken. Delish!!!

FP: Sounds delicious and a great recipe!

What do you enjoy most about being a chef?

The things I like most about being a Chef is the endless amount of creativity that there is to inspire one to cook, with all of the spices, fresh produce, beautiful meats, seafood, and fish and everything that God has given us on this earth to use at our disposal. There are so many possibilities that our job never ever gets boring and there’s always room to grow and learn. I feel as though chefs are artists!  We work with different textures, colors, and food elements to create works of art on the plate which is our canvas and that’s the exciting part of being a chef!

FP: We agree. Chefs are artists indeed!

Name some chefs that have inspired you and why.

CS: Some of the chefs that have inspired me to cook are Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Chef Morimoto and Tom Colicchio. In addition, my old Navy Chef, Shannon Wallace, who cooked in the White House  and my mentor Pasquale Ingenito.

FP: A great list of chefs to learn from indeed!

Tell us about your experience on Food Network Star from casting to filming.

CS: Food Network Star…Wow! Where do I begin? From the day they chose me to be on the show for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to the wild ride and journey of the show, to getting eliminated, and being a part of the finale! The whole thing was absolutely incredible and I would not change my decision to be a part of the show even if I knew I was going to be eliminated from the beginning! Casting for me was not an issue, as I had casted for two other shows, Hells Kitchen and Cutthroat Kitchen. I learned how to communicate and present my character to casting agents very quickly! I was however still surprised they chose me! I had just filmed Cutthroat Kitchen and won so I was already familiar with the taping process, hair, makeup, wardrobe etc. So I felt I had a little bit of an upper hand in regards to my nerves not getting to me by any production intimidation.

One cool thing people may not know is when we left for taping in LA and all of us (Finalists) were sequestered from each other, my episode of Cutthroat Kitchen had come out for the first time and pretty much everyone saw it the day before in our hotel rooms. So when we all met on the Hollywood studio back lot for the first time, many said that freaked them out that they just saw me on TV. Then I was there competing against them, and it kinda made them put on there game faces LOL, and of course I laid the confidence on thick!!

From the first episode where I sorta babbled as Lenny would say!  To my greatest moment of having the best product on Food Network Star history!! I took each challenge one by one, I tried to learn and adapt as quick as I could, and I was soooo appreciative for each round that I advanced. You see I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason and I believe that people have there season to prosper and season to learn! Sometimes the door is wide open and sometimes it’s shut because we are not ready to advance. I believe God kept me in the competition long enough to learn what I needed to in this Entertainment industry, get noticed by the people that I needed to be noticed by and give me the tools I will need for this next season in my life which is going to be HUGE!! I fully congratulate Lenny with all of the good intentions one could have. I believe that this was undeniably his season. I said throughout the whole competition that this man is a natural and he had the perfect combination of what they where looking for, so my hats off to him!

FP: You definitely made a good impression with us and many others!

What was it like to compete with others?

CS: Since I’m very competitive I was trying to size everyone up and find out how to beat them. Then round the 4th episode, I realized my biggest competition was myself and that the only person that could hinder me from winning was me!  After that revelation I began to take a different angle and not focus so much on everyone else!

FP: What did you learn from the judges? Looking back, would you have done anything differently?

CS: Looking back the only thing I would have done different is come up with a better or different POV! I dug myself in a hole with “Culinary Elevator!” In hindsight, I realized this show is about teaching home cooks how to make quick meals. I wanted to teach the very opposite complex tricks of our trade that maybe only chefs would want to learn. Can you tell I’m not a Food Network Star watcher?? My type of shows are Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Iron Chef and FNS simply was not the platform for this type of cooking. Easy, quick, 30mins or less meals with limited pantry and equipment is what it’s about, but hey lesson learned. I DIDN’T DO MY HOMEWORK!

FP: Now that FNS is over, please give us an update of what you’ve been up to.

CS: Since FNS, I’ve had a pouring in of catering events, trying to keep up with work is exhausting but exciting! Charity events have requested me and I’m excited because I love giving back when I can! I’ve gotten requests for appearances to do live demo’s, TV interviews, offers to partner with people on products, merchandise, and even restaurant consulting. So many great things have come my way. I am working every minute to finalize a deal to get these Butter coins into grocery stores. I have 15 different artisan flavors and I cannot wait! I feel like they’re going to be huge!! Also I haven’t struck up a deal with any networks yet but I want to do like a late night cooking show with Chris Kyler. I think this would encapsulate all of my talents and be a really cool show.  So I will be working on a pilot for that during this fall!

FP: That sounds like a cool concept for sure. We hope it happens!

When you go out to eat, name some of your favorite places in the DC/MD/VA area or other cities/states you’ve visited.

CS: I’m not much of a big eater out but when I get these urges to go out lets say eat a Joe’s Crab Shack, I will go get fresh crabs and all the fixin’s and cook it myself, same with steak houses, Asian cuisine etc. If I do eat out it’s normally to celebrate with others during there special moments in life, and normally we dine at Chart House located in Alexandria VA, which is very good. Firebirds, Don Julio’s, Cheesecake Factory, Bonefish Grill, Mike’s American Grill, Chipotle, McCormick & Schmicks etc…

FP: What are some of your guilty pleasures? We like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name :)

CS: Don’t know if there guilty but, bacon, sweet tarts, gummi bears, roasted beets with salt, red wine vinegar, olive oil, cinnamon twist from taco bell, 16oz ribeye, chocolate dougnuts with sprinkles, and coffee of any kind and anywhere. Just gotta have it! Japanese made ramen noodles, beef jerky, popcorn, snow crab legs, antipasto all meats, cheeses, olives hhhmmmmmmm I’m making myself hungry. Last but not least cornichons, Mahi Mahi, roasted garlic, PaPa John’s Pizza and fried chicken!! There it is.

FP: That’s a serious list! We like the way you think :)

Any tips for novice chefs?

CS: If you don’t have a REAL passion for cooking, get out now!! If you want to be a TV Chef get out now! This is one of the hardest and laborious jobs out here!! If you’re a foodie, blogger of food, home cook, love to cook here and there I’m not talking to you.  However, if you want to be a bonifide chef don’t worry about being famous. Love what you do and work as hard as you can at making your food taste amazing and strive for excellence in the kitchen. If you can focus on those three factors and your body still holds up after time I guarantee you will become famous!

FP: How about advice for people wanting to go on FNS?

CS: Three things. 1) learn the show and understand it fully before you apply so you know for the most part what you need to do!  2) Don’t try to be something they already have. Think outside the box and pick a POV that has totally never been thought of before even if it sound ridiculous I.E Chuck Wagon chef! Finally, if you’re only a chef or only an actor, it’s not going to work you have to have that perfect balance of creativity, uniqueness, comfortable in skin, entertainment, charisma, great cooking chops, personality, passion, time management authority and they want to know that you want this more than anything in the world!! If you can do all of that and look down the barrel of a camera you can be the next Food Network Star!! Good Luck!

FP: If you hadn’t become a chef, what would you be doing? What are some of your non-cooking hobbies/interests?

I think if I would’nt have become a chef I would’ve pursued being an architect, As a homeowner and business owner, I’m so intrigued with the whole building process of homes, properties, estates etc. I think catering is similar to building a home. I, the Architect/Planner creates the plan for each event, I provide a certain amount of skill and labor cooking/designing and then I subcontract the rest of the work to others i.e. lighting, ice sculptures, bar services, entertainment, event furniture, rentals etc. To bring everything together as a final product which is a beautiful event. Which is all that builders do for homes with slightly more work and a bigger budget of course!!

My non-cooking hobbies include: Basketball, dancing, roller-skating, movie watching, gamer, trampoline jumping and I love to entertain! Can ya tell?!

FP: We can sure tell you have a bright future as both a chef and entertainer. Can we call you a chef-tainer? Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to following your career!  

For more information about Chris, check out his website.

Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest 2014



While we reside in Westchester County and work in NYC, on occasion we also like to head north to the Hudson Valley to visit Rhinebeck, a favorite town of ours. Last year, we visited Rhinebeck for a day trip and the Sheep and Wool Festival so we’re well aware of the charm the town has to offer. We’ll be making a return trip the weekend of Sept. 6-7 for the 13th annual Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest taking place at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

The wine and food fest originated at the Greig Farm in Red Hook, New York in 2001. In 2007 the event added a feature area called the Restaurant Showcase that allowed guests to sample specialty dishes from some of the region’s best restaurants. In 2013, the Food Truck Corral was added to the event, highlighted by gourmet food trucks from around the area. Now in 2014, the event will host over 75 wineries, 5 distilleries and more than 100 gourmet specialty food, art, craft and home goods vendors. 

We can’t wait to taste wine from some of the best wineries and distilleries in the region and taste food from the area’s best restaurants, food trucks and gourmet specialty foods! If you enjoy wine and food like we do, you can’t miss Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest. Purchase your tickets here. We hope to see you there!

Nuts about Nuts

As you know, we love learning about people and products across the culinary world. After attending the Fancy Food Show, Allen was introduced to a variety of new items, including Sante Nuts. We reached out to the brand’s founder, Sara Tidhar, to learn about the inspiration behind her company as well as a few of her favorites restaurants.


FP: I definitely enjoyed sampling various flavors of Sante Nuts at the Fancy Food Show! How did the concept come about? 

ST: In 2003, I had suddenly become a single mom and realized that to make ends meet, I had to find a way to get some income. I had been making roasted nuts for my kids since they were little and my son suggested that I stop giving them away and start selling them. In the beginning, I was mostly working with local cafés in Silicon Valley, and before I knew it, it became a 24-hour-a-day endeavor. I booked an order to private-label the nuts with a major national grocery retailer in 2004, and we’ve been off and running ever since!

FP: Where can consumers find Sante Nuts? What distinguishes your brand from others?

Today, people can find them in specialty grocery stores in California, and select stores across the country. We’re also online at and on Amazon. I firmly believe you will not taste a finer nut on the market, and that’s because of the special roasting and spicing process. We do everything by hand, and it’s this attention to detail that you can taste: crisp texture, excellent balance of flavors – not too sweet, not too spicy.  A nut in perfect harmony.

Sara Tidhar of Sante Nuts

Sara Tidhar of Sante Nuts

FP: Do you cook at home? If so, what are some of your favorite meals to prepare for yourself? 

ST: I don’t have much time too cook at home anymore so when I do it is mostly simple things like eggs or roast chicken. Every once in a while I like to cook something special for the family like roasted leg of lamb.

FP: What meals/foods do you think goes best with nuts?  

ST: I think they go well with just about anything. They are delicious when paired with wine and cheese. They add great texture and flavor to salads. I like to add them to rice dishes or use them as a gluten free crust for fish.

FP: I added sliced nuts to pancakes recently and loved the texture they added!

When you go out to eat, name some of your favorite places in your area or other cities you’ve visited.

ST: When I eat out in the Bay Area I love sushi, particularly Fuki Sushi. For a luxurious treat my son and I like to go to Alexander’s Steakhouse in Cupertino. But I also love trying new restaurants when I go to big cities for tradeshows. In Chicago this year, we discovered GT Fish & Oyster. That was fabulous. I can’t visit New York without going to Morimoto at least once. You can taste the love in the food.

FP: Kristina and I will have to get to Morimoto one of these days!

What are some of your guilty pleasures? We like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name.

ST: I used to love eating fried chicken with french fries and a glass of champagne. Unfortunately, I can’t eat gluten anymore so many of my guilty pleasures are off limits. However, I still indulge in ice cream whenever I can. I’m particularly smitten by the hand-crafted ice cream at Smitten in San Francisco

FP: Hard to turn down ice cream isn’t it? 

When you’re not busy operating Sante Nuts, what are your hobbies/interests? What’s a day off like for you?

ST: Sleeping!  That’s a hobby, right?  I think that means I work too much. But when I do take a break, I like to garden. Exotic ferns are my favorite. I also love browsing Mexican supermarkets – I love the smell of the chilies and exotic spices, talking to the store owners, and learning about new produce. If I’m in a more solitary mood, I love to watch science programs on TV – anything that has to do with quantum physics and the subatomic world. The universe is a fascinating place.

FP: The world is a fascinating place indeed– there’s always more to learn! Speaking of learning, I really enjoyed getting to know you, Sara, and wish you and your family continued success with Sante Nuts!


Good Ham, Good Cause

Everyone appreciates good food, so when good food is accompanied by a good cause, it’s even better. After visiting the Fancy Food Show, Allen learned about The Good Ham Company and reached out to Suzanne Sampietro to learn about how the company combines quality with care.

FP: I definitely enjoyed sampling your ham at the Fancy Food Show! How did the concept come about? 

SS: The concept for The Good Ham Company came about through a desire to continue the family tradition of offering quality GOOD products to people that enjoy good food. Also, we have incorporated more unique and health-conscious recipes as you can see on our website – the lentil salad with shaved ham has been a hit with our fans. We started The Good Ham Company targeting businesses for corporate gifts because we felt that ham is such a great gift to receive at the holidays, etc.  Also, we wanted to market a brand that gives back on every purchase so the consumer knows that they are getting a good product.

FP: Worthwhile mission, indeed!

Do you cook at home? If so, what are some of your favorite meals to prepare for yourself? What meals do you enjoy most with ham?

SS: I DO cook at home LOTS.  I have three children, ages 14, 13 and 11 and we all like to cook in the kitchen. We play Top Chef with their friends and have cooking competitions for the kids. They love it so much and I can tell you my kitchen is constantly in a state of chaos. For my daughter’s 10th birthday, we had a “cupcake war” party where 15 of her friends divided into teams and they had a cupcake bake-off. It was fun and MESSY.

So, we are always being creative in the kitchen. We love to make omeletes with ham and the lentil salad as I said earlier is really a good alternative for using ham. For holidays, we bake ham with different glazes and also it’s just good to have a ham in the fridge for sandwiches.  The Good Ham is also good in quiches, etc.


FP: Creativity in the kitchen is key! We love the idea of a birthday cupcake bake-off!

When you go out to eat, name some of your favorite places in the Memphis area.

SS:  We love to eat out and love food. In Memphis, my favorite place is Restaurant Iris by Kelly English.  The menu is based on New Orleans culinary traditions. Kelly has been a great ambassador for the Memphis food scene and the food scene has boomed thanks in large part to him.

We also like Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman’s restaurants, Andrew Michael’s Italian Kitchen and their more casual place, Hog & Hominy in Memphis. These guys are all doing great things in Memphis showing two distinct aspects of Italian cooking, the refined and the rustic.

I was just in New York and went to The Spotted Pig and was in heaven the entire meal.  It is probably one of my favorite places in New York.  Some other places in NYC I like are Balthazar, Gramercy Tavern, Locanda Verde and I love the Shake Shack! We don’t have those in Memphis. In February, my friend took me to a quaint little spot in a back corner in Chinatown, Nom Wah Tea Parlor. The food was great and the price was even better. It was really a cool little spot.

FP: We hear the food scene in Memphis is on the rise and we hope to visit soon! 

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Kristina and I like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name.

SS: Guilty Pleasures…I guess the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, any type of cheese as I love pasta with heavy cream sauces. I also love red wine.

FP: Couldn’t agree more with your selections!

When you’re not busy operating Good Ham Company, what are your hobbies/interests? What’s a day off like for you?

SS:  My hobbies are photography (which I don’t get to do that often but I used to love to take photos when I traveled), I am an avid tennis player and I enjoy hiking and outdoors activities. When I turned 40, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with seven other women from Memphis. It was amazing and something that I will always remember. We trained for about six months and I am proud that I got that off my bucket list. I also love to read about exotic places and restaurants!

FP: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, wow!

Thank you Suzanne for your time. We wish you continued success with The Good Ham Company! 

To learn more about The Good Ham Company and Suzanne, read Christian Owen’s article in Style Blue Print, which provides a great overview of the company’s history. It also provides a great recipe for Shaved Ham and Kale Salad!