Waiting Game

On a beautiful Saturday morning, hundreds of people filled the streets at the Pittsburgh Public Market. Amongst the crowd and numerous choices of places to eat on the Strip, one thing remained constant throughout the morning and that was the line outside DeLuca’s. With a sign that stated “Home of BEST BREAKFAST in Town,” needless to say, I was intrigued. After visiting numerous stores and vendors, I found myself checking the line at DeLuca’s every chance I had.  To my dismay, the line continued to stretch halfway down the block throughout the entire morning. I promised to return the next day.

That's only half the line

After finding a great parking spot, I noticed that lots of people were attending Sunday service at a church around the block from the Strip. I was excited and said to my girlfriend (and the other half of Foodie Pleasure) “Surely there won’t be a long line and wait on Easter Sunday right?” Boy was I wrong. The line was not as long as Saturday but still surprisingly long for a Sunday, and Easter Sunday nonetheless.

After a twenty-minute wait, we were finally inside DeLuca’s. Another banner reminded us that we were at the “Home of BEST BREAKFAST in Town.”

Banner says it all

Usually, when places make vows like this I am usually disappointed because my expectations go up. However, DeLuca’s did not let me down. Despite being filled to capacity, the service was quick and courteous. The Veggie Burrito was as advertised with the right amount of sauce and vegetables. However, just to nitpick, why was a piece of American cheese on top of my burrito and not inside it?

I wasn't kidding about the cheese on top

All jokes aside, if you are ever on the Strip and have the patience to wait twenty minutes, you should definitely check out DeLuca’s. 

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