Benedicts for Brunch

The weather could not have been any better for our visit to Bluebell Café on a Sunday afternoon. As expected, there was a good crowd for brunch, which meant both good news and bad news… Good news because the crowd signified Bluebell Café as a “legit” and popular destination for brunch. On the flip side, the crowd meant a long wait and we weren’t sure two empty stomachs could wait that long. Luckily, we had friends to keep us occupied and plenty to look at as we saw tasty plates come out of the kitchen.

After about 20 minutes, the hostess finally gave in and decided to give us the “big table” for six even though we were just a party of four. Kudos to the hostess for making a smart decision!

As we sat down, it kept getting better and better.  Bluebell started everyone off with a small glass of orange juice, which really hit the spot after our wait.  They also serve Irving Farm coffee, which received the “wow, this is a good cup of coffee” reaction from all at the table.  The only thing that would have made it better is if our waitress had come back to refill our caffeine fix.  As for food, we knew what we wanted and it was Eggs Benedict for all—traditional for the ladies and crab cake for the gentlemen.

Traditional Eggs Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict

They came accompanied with a few pieces of fruit and side of hash browns which were definitely better than many we’ve had previously.  After 45 minutes of conversation and four empty plates later, Bluebell Café definitely made the list of brunch spots to return in the future.

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