Morrocan in El Barrio

The only thing better than good food is good food with friends.  Recently, half of Foodie Pleasure caught up with a few friends over a tasty dinner in El Barrio (East Harlem).  Excited to take advantage of El Barrio Restaurant Week, we decided to hit up the neighborhood’s only Morroccan spot, The Kiosk to take advantage of their $20.12 special offer.

Cocktails to start: Ginger Mojito, Wildberry Cosmo and a Strawberry Cosmo.

Like any good night, we started with cocktails, including a Ginger Mojito (to die for!), Wildberry Cosmo and a Strawberry Cosmo.  The drinks were a refreshing way to start the evening.

Feta Cheese and Spinach Phyllo Triangles & Hummus and Babaganoush Platter

Choosing appetizers is usually a challenge, but it is easy at Kiosk because their Feta Cheese and Spinach Phyllo Triangles are absolutely delicious.  Seriously, they are the kind of thing that can be eaten over and over again.  We also shared the Hummus and Babaganoush Platter.  Believe it or not, we still had room for main courses!

Chicken Kabob

Two of us ordered the Chicken Kabob, which came with side of hummus, pita and mashed potatoes.  It also came with harissa sauce, which is a Foodie Pleasure favorite.  The kabob was flavorful and perfectly portioned (I even saved some for the following day’s lunch!) and the sides were amazing.

Kofta Tagine

The other main was Kofta Tagine, which was well-spiced and presented in a pleasing traditional manner.

Having been to The Kiosk previously, I was anxious to return because it really is a hidden gem that offers mouth-watering food in a cool and relaxed atmosphere.  The decor is colorful and artistic and the service is always good.  It is also the type of place where you can go and just relax, even after the meal is through.  I’m anxious to take the other half of Foodie Pleasure there to get his take!

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