Taste of Taiwan

Remember the excitement when hearing the jingle or ringing of the ice cream truck as it entered your neighborhood? Well in today’s age of social media and smartphones, the new anticipation is finding out a popular food truck is in your area for lunch. Recently, half of Foodie Pleasure was able to “track down” Bian Dang, a food truck that serves delicious Taiwanese dishes.

Bian Dang food truck

When I read Bian Dang’s location for lunch at “Corner of Coenties Slip and Water St” on their Twitter feed (@biandangnyc), I could not contain my excitement!  Born in Taiwan and continuing to fulfill my craving for Taiwanese food with trips to Flushing and visits to my parents’ house, I had to check out the buzz for myself.

I ordered the Chicken over Rice entree, which seemed popular with everyone on line ahead of me. The chicken was tender and juicy and the skin cooked just right to eat. The pork sauce over the rice was creamy and delicious. Add a sprinkle of sriracha sauce and the result is a fantastic lunch! I will definitely be visiting Bian Dang more frequently to try out the other Taiwanese staples they offer.

Chicken over rice with pork sauce

For anyone interested in Bian Dang, check out their menu and below is their schedule and locations throughout the week. Enjoy!


Monday: 50th btwn 6th/7th Ave
Tuesday: 24th btwn Park/Madison Ave
Wednesday: Coenties Slip btwn Pearl/Water St
Thursday: 53rd btwn Park/Lexington Ave
Friday: 47th btwn Park/Madison Ave

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