Cold-Pressed Iced Coffee

If you’re anything like the coffee drinking half of Foodie Pleasure, you’ve no doubt heard or read about cold-pressed iced coffee.  Eager to give it a try on my own, I searched high and low for the perfect recipe.  Who knew it could be so complex?!  From cheesecloth to the precise grounds to water ratio, it became clear that many were even more dedicated to this task than I was.  All I needed was a small amount to suffice my morning craving, and I found it using my french press.  I find that it tastes much clearer than when my homemade iced coffee is just hot coffee allowed to cool.

Cold-pressed iced coffee with frothed whole milk

I wouldn’t even call this a recipe, but nonetheless, here it is!

1. Fill press with slightly more grounds than you usually do for hot coffee.

2. Add cold water to fill line.

3. Stir so that all grounds become wet.

4. Place in the fridge overnight.

5. Enjoy with ice and any of your other favorite coffee additions!

If you give this a try or have suggestions to make it any better, please let me know!

Cold-pressed iced coffee with skim milk

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