Home Is Where The Pizza Is

A rainy, lazy Sunday night was the perfect setting to visit Williamsburg Pizza, the newest pizza shop in, well you guessed it, the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  Immediately when we walked in, we were greeted by the catchy menu board, which lists the different types of slices served there.

Menu Board

After much deliberation, we decided to order the following slices: Brooklyn, Pear, Tartufo and the Calabrese.

Calabrese slice-Red Onion, Olives, Mozzarella and Sopressata
Brooklyn slice-Mozzarella and Tomato Sauce
Pear slice-Pears, Mozzarella, Walnuts & Gorgonzola (bottom)
Tartufo slice-Mozarella, Wild Mushrooms, Rosemary & White Truffle Oil (Top)

In our opinion, the key to a great slice of pizza starts with the crust. The crust has to be soft enough to fold the slice New York-style, but not so soft that it is flimsy under the weight of toppings. Next comes the taste of the sauce, followed closely by the toppings.  With the crust, sauce and toppings as our criteria for a great slice, we must say we enjoyed every bite of every slice we tried at Williamsburg Pizza.  The crust was the perfect texture and the sauce was fresh and tasty without overpowering the variety of toppings we sampled.

We had the privilege of speaking briefly with the owners Leah and Johnny, who added on to the details they shared with us a few weeks ago (http://bit.ly/QbEDWS). For us, sitting with them and the other patrons reminded us of our own favorite pizza shops from growing up. That’s the vibe you get when you walk in Willamsburg Pizza- it’s the kind of place we expect to quickly become a neighborhood favorite. The staff is courteous and if the owners are there and have a minute to spare, they will sit down with you and ask you for your honest opinion on the slices you try.

For all of you in the quest for a great slice of pizza in Brooklyn, definitely check out Williamsburg Pizza. Tell them Foodie Pleasure sent ya!

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