Getting Saucy With Chef Bud

We were introduced to Sizzlin Sauces after our interview with Chopped contestant Chef Gason from Louisiana. We thought that if he enjoyed the sauces so much, we definitely have to give them a try!

Sizzling Sauces flavors

We put the sauces on everything from soups to pastas, to sandwiches and wraps and also our scrambled eggs. Each flavor of sauce had its own unique taste. If you enjoy spice with some sweetness, then you will enjoy the “Chili Sweet Sensation” flavor. If you really like hot sauce, then you will enjoy the “Spitting Fire” flavor from Sizzlin Sauces. Visit their website like we did and try some sauces!

We reached out to Chef Bud Selmi, founder of Sizzlin Sauces, not only to thank him for creating such wonderful sauces but also to learn more about him and how the concept of his sauces came about.

Chef Bud Selmi, founder of Sizzling Sauces

FP: We love the concept of Sizzlin Sauces. How did the concept evolve? 

BS: I have always liked hot/spicy foods and have always had a vegetable garden. A close friend of mine from New Jersey told me about some friends of his who had left the corporate world of NYC and opened up a green house business featuring pepper plants called Cross Country Nurseries located in North Jersey.

I purchased 15 Habanero plants, which produced a bumper crop of peppers, but then I had to decide what to do with all of these hot peppers. I decided to make a batch of hot sauce, which I put into small jelly jars, passed it out to friends, and everyone loved the sauce! They told me I needed to bottle this stuff so that is kind of how Sizzlin Sauces got its star back in 2003.

FP: We’re glad (along with many others) that you decided to whip up a batch of hot sauce!

Besides Sizzlin Sauces, what is currently keeping you busy? What are some of your non Sizzlin Sauces related interests?

BS: As I mentioned, gardening is an interest of mine. We now have a green house and grow around 200 Habanero plants, which we still get from Cross Country Nurseries. In addition, I still maintain a vegetable garden.

Another hobby of mine is riding my 2005 Dyna Glide Harley Davidson Low Rider, which has always been a exciting past time for me.

FP: What are some of your favorite meals to prepare for yourself or guests when you are home? If you go out to eat, name some of your favorite places in New Hampshire or other cities/states you’ve visited.

BS: My favorite foods are either Italian or Mexican Cuisine. However if one wishes to enjoy Southwestern Cuisine, then Margarita Grill in Glen, NH is the place to go. They also feature Sizzlin Sauces in their restaurant as well.

FP: We’ll make sure to check it out if we ever take a road trip to New Hampshire!

What are some of your guilty pleasures? We like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name 🙂 

BS: Growing up near the South Jersey shore, I developed a passion for fresh seafood. A guilty pleasure would be either a heaping fried seafood platter or fried clams. I also love any type of creative seafood dishes.

FP: We love seafood! Definitely one of our foodie pleasures for sure!

Name any three individuals you would invite over for dinner and what you would prepare for them.  

BS: Mostly family members enjoying Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner together, where everyone contributes to the food offerings. My daughter always gets me to make Eggplant Parmesan for her birthday dinner.

FP: In three words, how would your friends/family describe you? 

BS: Hard working guy.

FP: Name some chefs that have inspired you.

BS: Chef Gary Sheldon CEC AAC, Chef Brian Coffey CEC AAC and Chef Bobby Flay.

FP: Sizzlin Sauces has so many different flavors and it was hard for us to pick which one was our favorite. Do you have a favorite flavor? 

BS: Well my most favorite is Creepin Quag Hot Sauce. This sauce has won the most national awards out of all of our products. Very versatile sauce, which lends itself well with pork, chicken, or beef. However my favorite is put the sauce along with scrambled eggs on a breakfast sandwich!

FP: We know all about the Creeping Quag flavor. We pretty much put the sauce on everything we ate!

What’s in stored in the future for Sizzlin Sauces and Chef Bud? 

BS: Continue to have Sizzlin Sauces raise the bar, and to have our award-winning products become a household brand with consumers throughout the country and around the world. We at Sizzlin Sauces are eager to hear what our customers have to say and suggest when it comes to our current and future products. We are very open to hearing feedback and ideas that can help our company flourish and grow into 2013 and beyond.

FP: Thank you so much for your time. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Please keep us posted on any new bold flavors!

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Sizzlin Sauces will be promoting an all-day Black Friday special of a free bottle of any of Sizzlin Sauces (any flavor) with a $30.00 purchase or more, as well as a special for Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday of a free bottle to anyone who purchases a three-month Hot Sauce of the Month Club membership.

For more information on Chef Bud, Sizzlin Sauces and its products, visit

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