In Search of the Perfect Omelette

A few Sundays ago, we had some free time on our hands so we decided to spend it at Williams-Sonoma for one of their complimentary technique classes. Like many others, we love a good omelette so we thought we’d stop by and try to pick up some new tricks. We arrived right before the demonstration started and there were only a few people there, but the crowd grew as time passed.

Cooking station ready!
Cooking station ready!

As the demo proceeded, the chef explained the differences between things like butter versus olive oil and old versus new eggs, as well as what should be cooked in advance versus put right into the eggs. While we didn’t exactly leave with any new information, it was interesting to hear her perspective and confirm some of the things we already knew. There were also a few things that we really appreciated about the chef providing the demo; first, she really focused on quality of the food over the products being used. Given that this was our first time attending a technique class at Williams-Sonoma, we didn’t know if the focus would be on selling products or providing instruction and were happy to find that the emphasis was on the latter. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love a kitchen full of Williams-Sonoma items (and love the ones that we do own!) but we’re not quite there yet. Secondly, the chef used a lot of humor, both about herself (who hasn’t dropped an eggshell when cooking/baking?) and the crowd (we attended the demo on 86th and Madison which may tell you a bit about some of the guests…), some of whom seemed to think they were there for a full brunch rather than a complimentary sample.

Williams-Sonoma offers quite a few complimentary classes and we’ll definitely check them out in the future if our schedules permit. Next time, we hope to attend one that’s out of our comfort zone in order to really learn something new.  What cooking/baking techniques are on your “to learn” list?

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