A Taste of Sri Lanka

Those who know us know we love treating our taste buds to new flavors whenever possible. Of course, good food is always better with good friends and a recent long weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to hop in the car and take a long-discussed trip to Staten Island for Sri Lankan cuisine. Along with two friends, including one who was born in Sri Lanka, we decided that Lakruwana, an authentic Sri Lankan restaurant on the island with a well-known Sunday buffet, was the place to go.

To see Lakruwana for yourself, check out our Vine video for a sense of the ambiance and décor. According to our friend, he felt like he was back at home.


Allen: The word buffet is “music to my ears” so I was excited to try Lakruwana. With many tasty options such as kale, pineapple curry, chicken with peppers, Yuca and much more, I had to pace myself in order to try everything the buffet had to offer. Three full plates later, I was content and very satisfied with my first experience eating Sri Lankan food. Each plate had the right combination of meat, vegetables and spice. In addition, Mango Lassi provided a nice compliment and dessert was a perfect way to conclude a great meal!

Kristina: Immediately upon arriving to Lakruwana, I knew we’d made a worthwhile trip. Though we arrived a bit earlier than their noon opening time, our friend called to check the schedule and the staff welcomed us inside, saying the food wasn’t ready but we were welcome to take a seat and wait. As we waited, we could smell the dishes wafting through the restaurant and whetting our appetites for a tasty meal! When it was time to dig in, I couldn’t help loading up my plate with everything from the basmati rice to the meat curries to the chutneys to the vegetarian sides. It was delicious! My first plate more than filled my stomach, but I was sure to save room for dessert. The mango mousse and coconut milk pudding provided a perfect ending to the meal, refreshing and not too sweet. I left completely satisfied!

Lakruwana was reviewed by NY Times earlier this year by Pete Wells and is also included in the 2013 New York Michelin Guide. Though we don’t get to Staten Island often, another trip might be in order for a repeat visit to Lakruwana!

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