Straight from the Farm

Living in the area, we have driven by the Bronxville Farmers’ Market many times before. Last weekend, we decided to actually stop by and check it out. Considering that we went back again this past weekend, we suppose you could say we were glad that we finally stopped by!

Like many others, we love to support local farmers and check out the fresh produce at farmers’ markets. Therefore, Do-Re-Me Farms was our first stop.

Check out a quick Vine video of the table here:

We decided to get cucumbers, potatoes and mushrooms for our homemade pasta sauce. Click here for the recipe!

Next, we wanted fresh strawberries for the parfaits we make most mornings. As much as we appreciate being able to pick up berries at the local grocery store, there’s nothing like fresh strawberries in the summer!

Choice of berries
Choice of berries

Two of our next stops were Pika’s Farm Table, where we picked up a delicious tapenade, and the Mostly Myrtle’s table. Each of their delicious baked goods looked delicious. We had to control ourselves from purchasing multiple items. We’ll see if our willpower stands up all summer…


Our last stop was the Doc Pickles table.  We’re so glad we stopped by! We tried each and every one of their pickles, from sweet to tart and a great selection in between. After trying so many samples, we decided to buy a quart of pickles and something tells us we’ll be back for more throughout the summer.

Samples of pickles
Samples of pickles

What are your favorite farmers’ market finds? Be sure to share your favorites with us! If you live in the area, be sure to check out the Bronxville market and let us know what you think. After two weeks in a row, we think we’ve found our summer Saturday morning routine.

Bronxville Farmers Market.
Paxton and Stone Place
Saturdays from 8:30am-11am
Click here for a list of vendors and find their Facebook page here

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