Summer at the Garden

With the current heat wave taking place in NY, you can say summer is FINALLY here. However, in our foodie world, the summer didn’t really start for us until we visited the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria, the oldest beer garden in New York City. Recently, we met up with a group of people to celebrate a friend’s birthday over drinks and great food. The beer garden is a great place for a relaxing night with friends. With plenty of long tables, you can settle in for a pitcher (or…2…3…), great eats (offered both via table service and at a walk-up grill) and conversation, TV, card games, or just a simple night outside. For one half of Foodie Pleasure (Kristina), it brings up happy memories of her Czech roots and visits to beer gardens in Prague and across Germany.

Selection of taps
Selection of taps
The grill in action!
The grill in action!

If you visit Astoria, you must visit the Bohemian Beer Garden. It’s the perfect place for drinks and food in the summer!

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