Dangerously Delicious

After a fun-filled afternoon last week at the MLB All-Star Game Fanfest at the Jacob Javitz Center, we decided to pay a visit to East Harlem. The neighborhood was home to half of FP (Kristina) for six years so it’s always nice to see which old favorites remain and which new spots have cropped up.


Having driven past Evelyn’s Kitchen numerous times over the past few months, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to stop by. As we walked in, we were greeted by an intimate space with soft lighting and delicious smells wafting through. There is a dessert counter directly in front of the entrance, a group table in the back and a few bar-stool type seats along the wall.

Instead of digging into food right away, we started with a refreshing glass of punch. It had just the right amount of sweetness, which was complimented by the fresh fruit inside.

Glass of punch
Glass of punch

There were a number of dinner items to choose from on a pre-fixe menu which includes a side and dessert. Since we arrived shortly before closing time, a few of the sides were out for the day but there were still many to select from. We shared a plate of tilapia with garlic green beans, sautéed spinach and yellow rice. The fish was cooked perfectly and the sides were absolutely delicious. The hungrier half of FP, Allen, was ready to order another plate… and the other half, Kristina, who didn’t think she was hungry to begin with, couldn’t help herself from taking multiple bites!

Tilapia with spinach, green beans and yellow rice
Tilapia with spinach, green beans and yellow rice

For dessert, there were many options to choose from. Cookies, cake, dessert bars… we didn’t know where to begin! We decided on Red Velvet and German Chocolate cake. Honestly, we probably could have eaten both cakes right then and there, but decided to control ourselves and bring some home.

Red Velvet and German Chocolate cakes
Red Velvet and German Chocolate cakes

As we were eating, we engaged in conversation with Owner and Executive Chef, Ayala Donchin, who was personable and struck the ideal balance of chatting with us and giving us space to chat on our own. As we left, we couldn’t help but think it felt like we had dinner right in her own kitchen!

Even though Kristina doesn’t live in the neighborhood anymore, we’ll surely be back for more from Evelyn’s Kitchen in the near future; it is certainly worth the trip to East Harlem!

One last note: as you walk inside Evelyn’s Kitchen, there is a sign on the door that says “Warning: Items Inside are Dangerously Dangerous!” Consider this your warning: Evelyn’s Kitchen is definitely THAT good!

Evelyn’s Kitchen
2317 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10035
(646) 476-7906

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