Finding Zen… with Pizza

Kristina, the baking half of Foodie Pleasure, is also the yogi half of the pair. Here’s her take on a recent post-yoga meal.

I have a standing yoga date with a good friend from college. Time for a confession, though… as much as we love the yoga portion, it’s also an excuse to get together for more than just dinner and drinks! It’s kind of like a book club—what’s more important, the book or the camaraderie (plus food and drinks… always food and drinks!)? Hey, we figure it’s much better to sweat it out for an hour and then go enjoy some good eats than to go straight to the eating! After our latest class, we hit up a favorite pizza spot off Union Square. Posto is a small shop known for their thin crust pizza. I’d been once prior and my friend has been many, many times.


After sitting down outside with glasses of water and wine (have to take advantage of this nice late summer weather!), we scoured the menu to find a salad and pizza to share. We decided on the Arugula and Bocconcini Salad, which includes black olives, tomatoes, red onions and a lemon vinaigrette in addition to the title items. It was delicious! Light, refreshing and just the right side for two people to split.

Arugula and
Arugula and Bocconcini Salad

We must have been in an arugula mood, because we also selected the Parma Pizza, which features marinara sauce, cheese, prosciutto, millionaire bacon, green apples, a balsamic reduction and.. you guessed it, arugula!  It was divine—a little spicy, a little sweet, a lot of goodness. Luckily, it was also rather large so we each brought a few slices home.

Parma Pizza

If you’re in the mood for pizza and find yourself around the Gramercy neighborhood in NYC, give Posto a try. My suggestion? Go soon so you can sit outside as you enjoy your food and drink!

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