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Our friends at Village Social are proud to announce the opening of their sister restaurant, Locali Pizza Bar + Kitchen in New Canaan, CT. Owners Joe Bueti & Anthony Legato are bringing Neapolitan-style pizza and Mediterranean small plates to an intimate space in town. The prized possession and centerpiece of the eatery is the Stefano Ferrera wood-burning oven emblazoned with the name “Giovanni” which is named after Legato’s father.

Giovanni oven

Legato and Chef Mogan Anthony, Executive Chef at Village Social, will collaborate on Locali’s menu using fresh local ingredients to create crisp and light pizzas. A combination of traditional small plates to complement the pizzas will also be served at Locali, with prices for the pizzas ranging from $11-18 and small plates going for $5-18.

Having eaten at Village Social and watching Chef Mogan Anthony compete on Chopped, we know the residents in New Canaan are in for a treat with Locali!

We reached out to co-owner Joe Bueti to learn more about him and his inspiration behind his new restaurant.

Joe Bueti, co-owner of Locali.
Joe Bueti, co-owner of Locali.

FP: Congrats on the soon to be opening of Locali Pizza Bar & Kitchen in New Canaan, CT. What attracted you to the town? What do like most about it? 

JB: When choosing New Canaan, we felt a sense of community there similar to that of Mt. Kisco. Customers are neighbors and take pride in their town. They have a vested interest in the local eateries and shops and we wanted to make a home there as well. They also know good food and we definitely deliver in that department.

FP: We love the new concept behind Locali. How did the idea come about? 

JB: We wanted to bring a niche restaurant featuring simple, quality food and go back to basics while enticing taste buds. We are really focused on the details for Locali everything from sourcing the perfect flour for our dough to finding the perfect combinations of flavors and spices to compliment our small plates.

We want to be a place that is a warm intimate gathering place for the locals. Giving them not only a great authentic modern Italian meal but also an experience they would not get anywhere else!

FP: Sounds exciting, can’t wait for Locali to open!

Besides your own restaurants, where are some of your favorite places to eat?

JB: pok pok, Motorino PizzaLupa Osteria Romana, and Casa Mono.

FP: We’ll add those spots to our constantly growing list of places to eat!

Describe your ideal meal. Where would it be? Who are you with?

JB: Montauk, NY – I always love a meal with fresh fish, even raw clams and oysters. The setting is definitely on the waterfront and ideally, I would be surrounded by family.

FP: Any advice for aspiring restaurant owners/operators?

JB: Passion cannot be substituted. You have to be willing to learn all the aspects of your business inside and out. Be sure to have no ego and surround yourself with experienced, knowledgeable staff that will be partners in your success. Most of all-believe in it and have some fun.

FP: When you’re not working, what do you cook for yourself at home? Any favorite dishes?

JB: At home I’m a fan of simple, farm fresh veggies and grilling. A favorite homemade dish would be Linguine Al’ Amatriciana – a traditional Italian pasta sauce based on guanciale (cured pork cheek), pecorino cheese, and tomato.

FP: What are some of your guilty pleasures? We call the foodie pleasures, hence the name 🙂

JB: That’s easy-ice cream and peanut butter. Any combination of the two is even better (but worse I know). Mayonnaise is also a guilty pleasure, good thing it doesn’t belong with the others. That would just be wrong.

FP: We won’t disagree with you about ice cream and peanut butter, true foodie pleasures!

Outside of the restaurant business, what are your hobbies and/or interests?

JB: I love boating and am an avid cycler. I wouldn’t be a true restaurateur if I didn’t enjoy eating. Dining out is both a pleasure and a learning process. Anywhere I go I am conscious of takeaways. Our job is to make sure we create a great guest experience so they enjoy their time at our restaurants all the more.

FP: Your passion certainly shines through! We wish you the best of luck with Locali and your other ventures; we can’t wait to visit soon!

Stay tuned for the opening of Locali on their Facebook page.

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