Through the Tunnel

A close friend of ours recently moved to Hoboken, which gives us a great excuse to take the tunnel into NJ and visit the happening city across the water. With tons of choices along Washington Street, our initial plan was to eat brunch at Amanda’s… but when we arrived it was packed with RSVP’s for the entire day. Next time, we’ll make sure to make reservations in advance.

Luckily, we also reached out to fellow food bloggers for suggestions, and Sara (@smchickbigdeals) recommended Margherita’s, also on Washington. We’d walked past Margherita’s and given how blustery the day was, we were happy to get in from the cold and give it a try! We started our meal with fried zucchini- warm and crispy, it the perfect way to warm up. The menu at Margherita’s was filled with great choices such as Lobster Ravioli, Filet of Sole and Chicken Marsala and much more. We decided to keep it simple with Penne a la Vodka and Tri- colore Fusilli with Chicken; we weren’t disappointed!

We’re glad to have a reason to visit Hoboken (not that we really need one– there’s plenty to see and do there!) and will certainly be planning plenty of visits in the near future. Maybe next time we’ll even brave the line for Carlos’ Bake Shop! Do you have any favorite places in Hoboken?

Manhattan Skyline from Hoboken, NJ
Manhattan Skyline from Hoboken, NJ

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