From Tuscany with Love

Last Thursday, in the middle of a long work week, we had the pleasure of attending a chocolate tasting hosted by food historian Francine Segan. What made this tasting even more unique (and exciting) was the fact that it featured Amedei Chocolate, one of Italy’s finest chocolates.

Before the tasting, we were treated to Cauliflower and Toscano White Soup, Eggplant Crostino and foie gras. As always, Francine engaged the crowd with her knowledge of chocolate in a presentation on the history chocolate, Italy, and of course, Amedei. Afterwards we indulged in chocolate from Jamaica, Venezuela, Madagascar and Ecuador.

We love catching up with Francine at events like this, and also enjoy meeting new people. We had a great conversation with store owner Pepi Di Giacomo and hope to return to learn more about her and, let’s not forget, taste more chocolate!

If you love chocolate, don’t just take our word for it- get yourself down to the Amedei store located at 18th Street between Broadway and Fifth Avenue! Your taste buds will thank you!

For more information about the Amedei brand and its history, visit

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