Books and More

In case you think all we do is eat, fear not: we do have a few other hobbies. For Kristina, one of those hobbies is being part of a book club with a number of friends. Read on for a recent adventure which included books… and you guessed it, food.

I’ve always been a big reader (in fact, one of my first jobs was as a page at my local library!), so, as an adult, being part of a book club is important to me. In addition to forcing (er… encouraging…) me to pick up books I may not otherwise read, it’s a great excuse to see a friends– and let’s be honest, most book clubs include food and drink, so that’s a draw as well! Sometimes my book club goes from apartment to apartment to meet, but we often rely on Moustache in East Harlem as our gathering spot. Moustache is centrally located for us, has delicious food, and perhaps most importantly for our purposes, never makes us feel rushed or like we have to raise our voices to hear one another.

Last time we met, the book selection wasn’t much of a hit, but the food sure was! We weren’t particularly hungry so we ordered a bunch of apps for the table, including zatar bread, baba ganoush, hummus and pita bread. Everything was delicious! I make certain to order the zatar, a thin pizza-like bread topped with sesame seeds, olive oil and herbs, each time I go to Moustache. Additionally, I’m not always a fan of baba ghanoush, but at Moustache it has a slightly smoky flavor which makes it incredible!

Well, it turned out to be a good thing that we didn’t order too much food because my thoughtful book club friends had a little surprise planned for me– a delicious birthday cake from Savoy Bakery! It was such a delicious treat– and I was SO touched by their thoughtfulness. Now, it’s my turn to choose the book, and I selected The Reason I Jump.

Are you part of any book clubs? If so, what are you reading and eating?!



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