Connecting in Connecticut

In addition to eating fantastic food and meeting interesting chefs, one of our favorite things about the foodie community is meeting fellow bloggers. Thanks to our blog, Twitter and Instagram, we feel like we have friends near and far. Recently, we had the chance to meet a few when we were invited to an event at the City Limits Diner in Stamford, CT hosted by Katie Schlientz. As you learned in our interview,  she is the founder of IntoxiKate, where she writes and shows you how to live life deliciously. Having only interacted with her via social media like most bloggers do, it was great to finally meet Katie (Twitter @katieschlientz) and others at the event.

City Limits Diner, Stamford, CT
City Limits Diner, Stamford, CT

Besides great conversation, delicious food is a trademark of an IntoxiKate event. The friendly staff at City Limits served us spare ribs, chicken quesadillas, mac n cheese and a veggie platter. We definitely ‘IntoxiKated” ourselves with multiple plates. The chicken quesadillas just kept calling our names! 🙂

We enjoyed visiting with Katie and fellow foodies Nicole (@NikkiEdmonds) and Malinda over apps and drinks, and definitely shared many laughs throughout the evening. We’ll definitely make it out to future IntoxiKate events and encourage you to do the same!


Allen & Kristina with Katie. Photo courtesy of IntoxiKate.





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