Heading North

We enjoy exploring new towns in Westchester and Armonk has been a nice find for us of late. While having dinner with friends at Fortina (also in Armonk), we were reminded about Restaurant North, a farm-to-table establishment. We made reservations for Sunday brunch, which happened to coincide with North’s recent review by Steve Reddicliffe in The New York Times.

photo 1

Our brunch started with delicious biscuits, which were served with a pickled butter that added just the right amount of flavor. After reading the Times review, we knew we had to share the North Breakfast and Fried Chicken while saving room for the much acclaimed “Super Awesome” chocolate chip cookie. All three were delicious– and yes, the cookie WAS super awesome!

Since Restaurant North is farm-to-table, their menu is constantly changing so we know we’ll be back soon! We’re especially curious to have dinner as spring turns into summer and even more local items are ready to be enjoyed. Speaking of summer, as the weather gets warmer, our goal is to check out new towns and new places to eat. Have a recommendation for a place to check out? Please leave a comment below or reach us at foodiepleasure@gmail.com or via Twitter at @foodiepleasure. We’d love to give your suggestions a try!

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