Delicatessen Delights

When we heard that our friend Tony Kang became the Executive Sous Chef at Delicatessen NYC on Prince Street in Soho, we were happy for him and even more excited to go check it out. Don’t let the name deceive you- read on and find out that it is NOT a deli!

We could have easily ordered everything on the menu, but Chef Tony helped us narrow down out choices by telling us about some of his favorite dishes. After you see these pictures, we imagine you’ll want to head straight to Delicatessen!


We started our meal with tuna tartare and a kale salad. The tuna was cooked perfect and the kale salad was accompanied by mushrooms, cashews and a tasty vinaigrette. Both were delicious! Next, we tried the meatballs, which were melt-in-your mouth good and served with a mean tomato sauce! We had a hard time deciding between the wide variety of mac and cheese options on the menu, but the Chipotle Chicken one was an excellent selection- crispy top, cheesy center and a little kick of spice. Our dinner was just getting started…

Fish Tacos and Buttermilk Chicken were next for us. Both were prepared nice and crisp on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Of course we saved room for dessert and ordered the Chocolate Crème Brûlée. The picture above speaks for itself and was the perfect way to end our meal!

Everything we ate was delicious– now our problem will be deciding whether to reorder these items or make new selections next time we hit up Delicatessen! 😉 As always, it was great catching up with Chef Tony and we plan to return soon for brunch, which he highly recommends. With so may tasty options, who doesn’t love a good brunch?!

Have you eaten at Delicatessen NYC? If so, share your thoughts with us!

Delicatessen NYC
54 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 226-0211

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