Sweets and Eats

If you’re like us, you enjoy learning about food nearly as much as eating it. This week, we’re looking forward to two events at the 92Y that are sure to provide insight into the foods that we eat.

Food Historian Francine Segan
Food Historian Francine Segan

On Tuesday, our friend Francine Segan is leading a talk entitled “Our Sweet Tooth,” which will explore the ingredients in mystery cake, why the expression “as American as apple pie” is just plain wrong, and how Edison led to the invention of wax lips and jelly beans. We’re already craving the sugar we’re sure to enjoy there! As a salute to the 92Y, Amedei is offering a %10 discount for anyone who orders their chocolates online. Just add the code ’92Y’ to the order to receive the discount. A few weeks back, we attended a tasting for Amedei and were definitely impressed. We recommend everyone to try their chocolates!

Later in the week, Kristina and a few friends are set to enjoy Francine’s lecture on “Food Trends in the USA Today,” which will explore all types of food trends such as popular street foods, restaurant trends, cutting-edge cocktails, decadent dessert spots and the latest diet crazes. In addition, everyone at the lecture will get to sample foods that will be present at the Fancy Food Show in June. 

For tickets to either of the talks, click the links above. We’d love to see you there. We’re sure you’ll have a delicious time!

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