Brunchcrawl Eggstravaganza

We’re big fans of brunch so we’re excited to attend the Brunch Eggstravaganza hosted by Dishcrawl Fairfield County on Sunday, June 8 in Stamford, CT. As with past dishcrawls we’ve attended in Old Greenwich and Stamford, we’re looking forward to meeting new people, learning about new restaurants and of course, eating a great meal. For this brunchcrawl, we’ll have the opportunity to eat three different meals at three discrete locations. Who better to ask about a brunchcrawl than the organizer herself? We reached out to Kelly Fazzino, Dishcrawl Fairfield County Ambassador, to learn more about her.

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FP: We love the concept of a brunch crawl! What can guests look forward to as part of the crawl?   

KF: We love the idea too, which is why we are departing from the traditional evening Dishcrawl and checking out the Sunday brunch scene.  While I cannot disclose the restaurants, I can say that our guests will be treated to a culinary adventure, visiting three distinctly different spots. You’ll get a taste of everything from elegant dining, to partying with Brunch and Beats, to unique global cuisine. Some of the chefs know each other which has formed a healthy competition, vying to be the “best stop on the Brunchcrawl,” which will certainly pay off for our guests!

FP: We certainly enjoy brunch on Sundays so we’re looking forward to it!

What is your favorite brunch food?

KF: Always, without fail, Eggs Benedict. Even better if it is served with crabcake or lobster.

FP: We’re with you on Eggs Benedict, no matter the combination!

Besides your favorite brunch spots, name some of your favorite places to eat around CT.

KF: Oh so many to choose from and I hate to leave anyone out, but here are just a few: Morello Italian Bistro (Greenwich) The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood (Rowayton), Barrique, Capeesh and Cotto Wine Bar (Stamford), Sugar and Olives and Brasitas (Norwalk), Spotted Horse Tavern (Westport), Walrus and Carpenter (Black Rock).

FP: We visit CT often so we’ll make sure to add those places to our ever-growing list!

Do you cook at home? If so, what are some of your favorite meals to prepare?

KF: Yes I love to cook when I have the time! This past weekend, I made a Memorial Day feast which included grilled flank steak marinated in duck sauce (this makes the steak a bit sticky and sweet) roasted asparagus (with lemon, pepper, parmesan) spicy fried corn, and my famous broccoli salad (which is raw broccoli, raisins, red onion and bacon, lightly dressed.

FP: We’d love to try your famous broccoli salad!

Name some of your guilty pleasures. We like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name 🙂

KF: SO many “foodie pleasures”! I tend to go for savory and salty versus sweet.  So my comfort foods can be anything from shrimp tempura rolls, to a pile of nachos with all the fixins, or a rare late night snack from the Poutine King truck. So delicious.

FP: Gotta love a little salt! Thanks for your time, Kelly. We can’t wait to do brunch with you on Sunday, June 8th!

Want to join us for the brunchcrawl? Tickets are available here. We’d love to see you there!


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