World Cup Fever

Although it was a few weeks ago, we still remember the World Cup frenzy that took over earlier this summer. Half of FP (Kristina) really caught the fever and enjoyed taking in the games with friends and colleagues- and even dragging Allen along to the final. Of course, football (or soccer as this part of the world tends to call it…) wouldn’t be complete without a few treats, so here are some of the items that we enjoyed during matches.

I work in Lower Manhattan, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised when bars were PACKED for the US-Germany game. After stopping by multiple bars that were standing room only, we finally found seats at Cercle Rouge where we enjoyed a couple beers, a meat and cheese plate and an amazing fried artichoke salad. Some of the food at Cercle Rouge was a bit heavy for my tastebuds in the middle of the day, but I’d go back for that salad in a heartbeat.

In the weeks that followed, I caught games here and there at a few other local-to-work favorites including Maxwells and Butterfly. Since the final match was over the weekend, I convinced Allen to pose as a World Cup fan with me at Yard House, a bar with a great beer selection close to our home. During the match, we enjoyed a bunch of snacks in addition to the exciting game.

Did you catch World Cup fever?

Cercle Rouge
241 W Broadway
New York, NY 10013
59 Reade St

New York, NY

The Butterfly
225 W Broadway
New York, NY 10013
Yard House
237 Market St
Yonkers, NY 10710

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