No Meat, No Problem

Last weekend, Kristina caught up with a good friend over a delicious vegan brunch. Here’s what she had to say…

Candle 79 is just what I needed to get out of my eggs benedict for brunch rut. I’ve been wanting to try the UES vegan mecca for quite awhile and am certainly glad that I did! I could have ordered everything on the menu (including the drink selection– wow!), but instead went for the Vegetable Wild Mushroom Crepe. It had just a hint of a spice alongside flavorful veggies. My friend Matt ordered the Nuevos Rancheros and we split an order of Polenta Fries. While we resisted the dessert menu, I’ll definitely save room next time.


In addition to the amazing meal, I appreciated the fact that our server allowed us to linger over our food since we had a lot to catch up on. Candle 79 will be at the top of my list next time I’m looking for a fresh treat on the UES.

Candle 79
154 E 79th St
New York, NY 10075

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