North of the Border

At this time last week, we were on our way to Montreal to enjoy a weekend filled with friends, charming neighborhoods and good eats of course! Take a peek at some of the things we enjoyed…

Montreal Cafe

Our first stop was the Montreal Cafe, a basic spot just a few blocks from our AirBnB stay. We enjoyed a few tasty sandwiches and smoothies before heading out to explore the city!

Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins

On Friday night, we had a fantastic dinner at Le Compoir Charcuteries et Vins, where our group of six indulged in wine, crusty bread and a variety of small plates. Le Comptoir was the perfect place to enjoy conversation over a leisurely meal.

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Lawrence Restaurant

As readers of our blog, you know that we love a good brunch! On Saturday, we met our friends at Lawrence, a popular brunch spot with a great menu. We both stepped outside of our usual brunch routine– Allen for Kedgeree and Kristina for Baked Eggs. Both hit the spot as we prepared for a day of site-seeing in the city.

Au Pied de Cochon

After brunch, we headed out to Old Montreal to enjoy the sites and sounds of the city. Knowing that we had reservations at Au Pied de Cochon that night, we managed to avoid the pastries and gelato we saw in every corner so that we were ready for a big meal. Having heard about the food at Au Pied de Cochon from our friends in Montreal as well as friends in NYC, we knew we’d be in for a treat! The menu was incredible and quite unique; multiple types of foie gras as well as many other options. Though we rarely indulge in foie gras or duck, we had both– and are glad we did!

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Fairmount Bagels

For our final stop, we grabbed bagels at Fairmount Bagels for the trip home. As you can see in the pictures below, Allen couldn’t even wait to snap a picture before munching away. Being NYers, we like to think that we know bagels, and these were right up there with the best of them! Please don’t tell anyone, but Kristina may in fact prefer them to local ones because they are less doughy than NY ones tend to be.

Have you traveled to Montreal? If so, please let us know what you recommend. It really is a foodie paradise and we hope to return soon to give more places a try!

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