Ceviche vs. Tiradito

Last week, half of FP attended a tasting at Raymi Peruvian Kitchen for the Ceviche versus Tiradito kick-off tasting hosted by The Trade Commission of Peru in New York.

Seven of New York area’s best Peruvian restaurants will prepare their dishes during the competition, with tastings and voting taking place in each participating restaurant. On October 7th, the winners will be selected by a panel of celebrity judges along with a crowd favorite being crowned.

So The Trade Commission of Peru would like to know: when it comes to Peruvian food, and its signature dishes of ceviche and tiradito, do you prefer authenticity or innovation? Uniqueness or fusion? Sophistication or apparent simplicity?

Ceviche, sits proudly on every Peruvian restaurant’s menu and on every Peruvian family’s holiday table as the country’s classic contribution to the culinary world. The new food trend on the menu is tiradito. Like ceviche, tiradito is a raw fish dish, Japanese inspired sashimi-style fish, dressed in a sauce made from the bounty of Peru’s vegetable harvest and one or more of Peru’s 4,000 variety of potatoes.

The following restaurants will be participating: Desnuda, Manka, La Cevicheria, Panca, Raymi, Runa and Warique. If you’re tweeting or posting pictures on Instagram, make sure to include the hashtags, #cevichevstiradito and #naturallyperu. Visit each establishment to try their delicious ceviche and tiradito (or both) and vote! Share with us your thoughts by emailing us at foodiepleasure@gmail.com or on Twitter at @foodiepleasure. Happy eating!

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