Upstate Adventure Part 1

Last weekend, we took a trip upstate to enjoy the Hudson Valley region. Rhinebeck is one of our favorite towns, but we also took time to check out Woodstock, Peekskill and a few other spots. It was such a busy and food-filled weekend that we’re breaking it into two posts. Read on for what we did and ate on Saturday!

The main reason for our trip was to check out the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival, which we visited right away after checking into our Airbnb stay. It was a beautiful day for a festival and we enjoyed visiting a number of booths to check out all the offerings. A few of our favorite items included wine from Atwater, the Solidly Spicy Tomato Oil from Cheeky Monkey Foods and the lemon cheesecake from Le French Kiss Bakery.

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After the festival, we drove over to Woodstock to spend some time in the infamous town. We enjoyed visiting a variety of interesting shops and, believe it or not, worked up a bit of an appetite, so we stopped at Jane’s Ice Cream for a milkshake and smoothie. Kristina tried an Almond Joy milkshake while Allen when a little healthier with a Blueberry Smoothie. Both treats hit the spot after a long day of walking!

Milkshake and smoothie break!
Milkshake and smoothie break!

On Saturday evening, we had dinner at Aroi, a Thai restaurant in Rhinebeck. It was delicious, though we were a little surprised when our appetizer arrived at the same time our main course did. Despite that, we’ll definitely consider Aroi next time we visit Rhinebeck. We ordered spring rolls to share; Allen had Crispy Kale with Chicken and Kristina had her usual: Chicken Panang Curry– and prosecco, of course! Allen’s dish was excellent; we’ve both become fans of kale but hadn’t had it prepared this way previously. The curry had quite a bit of spice, which was a great way to warm up on what turned out to be a rainy night.

Later this week, be sure to check back to see how we rounded out our upstate adventure. Here’s a hint: it includes a trip to a farmers market and a brewery! Cheers!

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