Upstate Adventure Part 2

Did you read our Upstate Adventure Part 1? If so, you definitely want to read on!

We wanted to make the most of our trip back home from the Hudson Valley, so we packed a lot into our day. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast with our Airbnb hosts on Sunday morning, we made a quick stop at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market on our way out of town. We loved checking out the local vendors and were sure to pick up some apples for the ride home and week ahead!

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Next, we wandered around the campus of Bard College before getting back in the car and heading to Storm King Art Center. Storm King has been on our list of places to visit and we couldn’t have picked a better day to check it out– though we should have remembered to bring sunscreen! After biking and walking around the grounds, we grabbed a quick drink before getting back in the car.

Of course, we couldn’t go home hungry so we made the Peekskill Brewery our final stop. Some of our good friends highly recommend it, and we can see why! There’s a bar downstairs for drinks and restaurant on the second floor to enjoy both pints and grub. Kristina tried the Zizania and we ordered a number of plates to share. Everything was tasty, but the pickled summer veggies and perogis were both unique and really hit the spot! The brewery is in a great location along the harbor and we hope to check it out again soon. In fact, they’re part of the upcoming Hudson Hop & Harvest Festival, which we’re thinking about checking out on October 4th.

Rhinebeck and the surrounding area is the perfect quick getaway for us. What are some of your favorite weekend road trip destinations? Please share in the comments or email us as!

6 thoughts on “Upstate Adventure Part 2

      1. We live in Chicago and we also love to do local road trips. We just got home from visiting Metropolis,IL (home of Superman), St. Louis,MO (the arch), and Springfield, IL. We really like visiting Wisconsin though for the fishing.

      2. What a great list of destinations! We love Chicago and we’ve heard great things about St. Louis. Do you ever visit Michigan? Half of Foodie Pleasure grew up near Traverse City!

      3. So many! 🙂 Northern Michigan is absolutely beautiful, with nice beaches and towns to explore. Southern Michigan also has a lot to offer, including history, interesting sites and good food! Let us know if you plan a trip that way and we’ll send more specific suggestions!

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