Madres Knows Best

This season of Great Food Truck Race has been filled with the usual passion from the contestants, curveballs from Tyler Florence and of course, great food from all the trucks. We recently spoke to Javier of Madres Food Truck to learn more about him and his experience in the show.

Team Madres! Picture courtesy of

FP: We love the concept of Madres Food Truck. How did the concept evolve? 

JC: The inspiration behind Madres is my mother (Luisa) and grandmother (Vilda) and the recipes that have been passed down to me. These recipes are what I grew up on and still to this day my mom cooks them for me. I want people to feel what I feel when I eat my mom’s food, I want them to feel at home. That is why I had to have my mom by my side during this crazy adventure. Madres is ultimately in honor of my first culinary teachers.

FP: Tell us about your experience on the Great Food Truck Race. What was it like to compete with the other food trucks?

JC: Being on TGFTR was AMAZING! I went from watching a marathon of the show one Saturday and then being told we got casted within the blink of an eye. It all went so fast. As fast as casting happened we were suddenly meeting the other seven teams. The first thing that we were told was “this is going to be the hardest thing you have ever done!” And it was! Picking the right menu, finding parking, finding a place to shop, the crazy lines of people, not having people, cameras in your face, the teams spirits and worrying about the competition was high stress. Let’s not forget how crazy-intense and emotional eliminations can be.

FP: Looking back would have you done anything different?

JC: I think if we could do something different it would have to be our out-reach communication.  We could have reached out more to people and that could have turned into more sales. You live and learn, right?

FP: What will you remember most about the experience?

JC: What we will take from our experience on the show is the knowledge of running a food truck and the friendships we made. We have friends all across the country. This experience is something only the 24 of us really got to experience.

FP: Which city was your favorite?

JC: Although it was our last city, OKC was our favorite.

FP: Besides Madres Food Truck, what is currently keeping you busy? Any projects in the works? What are some of your non Madres Food Truck related interests?

JC: Currently I am a development chef creating and making meals based on a ketogenic diet for cancer patients. On my spare time I work on recipes for Madres and for a line of salsas I want to pitch. When I’m not in the kitchen you can find us hanging as a family and eating at different places.

FP: What are some of your favorite meals to prepare when you are home?

JC: When we are at home my mom and I love to cook italian, Chinese and American comfort foods.

FP: If you go out to eat, name some of your favorite places in Norwalk, CA or other cities you’ve visited.

JC: When we are out…it’s a free for all! My wife Seno loves to eat seafood and heads to her hometown of Ensenada, Baja California to eat her heart out. My mom has her favorite spot Marino’s in Belflower, CA where you can find her on “date nights” with my dad. I can always go for a good michelada from either Los Compadres or TNT (Tacos and Tortas) here in Norwalk. As a family we like to travel 2 hours south to Mexico and have tacos at Tacos El Paisano in Tijuana.

FP: What are some of your guilty pleasures? We like to call them foodie pleasures, hence the name 🙂

JC: So this one is a bit or a lot embarrassing…when I hear the ice-cream truck I run out and get a bag of flaming hot Cheetos and drench them in lime juice, add a dash of salt and some tapatio. The end result is me looking like a 5 year old with a red mouth and red fingers. Another GP is a corn on a stick with mayo, cheese, butter and chile from the “elote man” that walks down the street with a little horn. Last but not least…is a double-double from In-N-Out, extra lettuce to keep it healthy!

FP: Will the people in Norwalk (or another city) see a Madres Food Truck cruising the streets in the near future?

JC: I am going to work my butt off to get a food truck going so I can continue sharing my family recipes with everyone. The race may be over but the journey has just started for Madres! Once I get the Madres truck going I want to have a huge block party and invite everyone! I would also love to continue the journey and head to other states and show some Madres love. I want to get that line of salsas going and even write a cookbook with my mom. You haven’t seen the last of Madres…stay tuned!

FP: We look forward to seeing a Madres Food Truck in the near future. Thank you for your time and we wish you the best of luck!

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