Halloween Hot Pot

Halloween snuck up on us this year so we decided to celebrate with dinner instead of ghosts and goblins. We met friends at 99 Favor Taste, an all-you-can eat hot pot and Korean BBQ spot on Grand Street in NYC. We opted for hot pot only, which was $18.99 per person for 2 hours. We ordered a duo-pot with traditional broth on one side and spicy on the other (word to the wise: the spicy side gets spicier at the night goes on!). For our group of 5, we selected a number of things to dip: spinach, watercress, udon, fish, string mushrooms, pumpkin, chicken, shrimp, beef, etc. Allen’s favorite was the udon and fish while Kristina couldn’t get enough of the string mushrooms. We left stuffed and satisfied… and will definitely go back to 99 Favor Taste next time we have a craving for hot pot.

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99 Favor Taste
285 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

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