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From time to time, we enjoy reading Westchester Magazine to learn about new places to eat in the area. An article written by food writer Leslie Anne-Brill highlighted Fantasy Cuisine in Hartsdale. According to Leslie, if you can’t make it to Chinatown for Joe’s Shanghai’s famous soup dumplings, you can satisfy your appetite right in Westchester.

On a day off, Allen and his family decided to skip a trip to Flushing in order to see for themselves what Fantasy Cuisine had to offer. Here’s his take:

It was a busy day so we waited anxiously for a table. Once we were seated, we were ready to eat!

To start, we ordered scallion pancakes, veggie dumplings, house special buns… and of course, we had to try the soup dumplings. The duck was well-cooked and the juicy skin provided a taste similar to what is offered in Flushing. The soup dumplings were good, but it’s hard to beat Joe Shanghai’s old recipe.

The menu at Fantasy Cuisine has a lot to offer from classic Szechuan dishes to noodles (regular and stir-fried) and other traditional Asian staples. After much thought, we ordered General Tso’s Chicken and chicken chow fun for our meals. Both were well cooked with great flavor and taste.

Next time a trip down to Flushing seems too far, we’ll definitely stop by Fantasy Cuisine to satisfy our crave for Asian fare!

Fantasy Cuisine
20 N. Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10580

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