Behind the Smoke

Through our social media, we often hear about chefs setting up pop-up kitchens in NYC and beyond.  Last week, Kimchi Smoke, which blends Korean favorites with smoked meats, popped up on the Lower East Side at the Old Bowery Station. The hungrier half of FP (Allen) decided to stop by and satisfy his craving for the much-anticipated Ramen Fried Chicken.

Both the Cho Lander Fries and Smoked Kimchi provided a nice combination of spice, salt and sauciness. The Ramen Fried Chicken lived up to its billing with extra crisp skin and tender, juicy meat. Add the Fatboy Sauce to the chicken and, like Allen, you’ll be licking your fingers afterwards- it was that good!

Make sure you follow Kimchi Smoke on Twitter (@KimchiSmoke) and Facebook to see where it will be popping up next! Hint: The next pop-up will be on Feb. 15-17 at Jimmy’s No. 43.

Tomorrow, make sure to check out our blog to get to know the man behind Kimchi Smoke, BBQ Pitmaster and Chef Robert Austin Cho.

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