Love Chef, Take Two

We were first introduced to Chef Jernard Wells, better known as The Love Chef, back in 2012 after his appearance on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell. We recently caught up with Chef Jernard after learning about his new restaurant in Atlanta, East Wave Fusion.

Chef Jernard Wells aka 'The Love Chef'
Chef Jernard Wells aka ‘The Love Chef’

FP: Share with us what you’ve been up to since we last interacted. 

JW: I launched a sauce manufacturing company, LeChef Amours Haute’ Cuisine, competed in the World Food Championship and placed 3rd in the Seafood category. I also won Cutthroat Kitchen, on Food Network, in the episode, ‘Anything But A Cake Walk.”

FP: Great list of accomplishments! Do you sleep? 😉

Congrats on the opening of your new restaurant, East Wave Fusion, in Atlanta. How did the restaurant concept come about?

JW: The restaurant concept came about by the two Asian founders that have traveled the world and wanted to bring all of the many cuisines together, “hint of fusion”, under one roof to the Atlanta area. They united with me as an Executive Chef to bring their experiences combined with mine together to bring the recipes and vision to light.

FP: Sounds like a delicious concept!

You were on Chef Wanted and won Cutthroat Kitchen. Share with us the similarities and differences of competing on both shows.

JW: The shows were very similar in that they were fast paced, competitive, and required you to be able to work under pressure. Cutthroat Kitchen is different in the fact that it is unpredictable. The challenges that you are met with in the kitchen requires requires you to think fast, think outside the box, and work under extreme circumstances to prepare dishes.

FP: We can’t imagine the pressure, especially under Alton Brown’s watchful eyes.

In addition to cooking at East Wave Fusion, what else is keeping you busy?

JW: I am still traveling and catering while running and promoting my manufacturing company. They are keeping me very busy. My products can be found in local groceries. I am often dropping by stores to promote and demo the products. In addition, I am asked to appear as a guest on many local new segments.

FP: Good to keep busy! Any other projects in the works?

JW: I am working on another cookbook and I am really working on getting my own show on the network.

FP: So you’re saying we’ll see you on Food Network again in the future?

JW: Yes, I am very sure of that. Stay tuned in to Food Network!

FP: We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. Thank you again for your time!

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