C-CAP Recap 2015

For the last three years, we’ve always marked our calendars, cleared our schedules and looked forward to attending C-CAP’s Annual Benefit. This year’s event was especially significant as C-CAP celebrated its 25th Anniversary and honored Dick Parsons (former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner) and Executive Chef Alexander Smalls. Both are partners at Minton’s and The Cecil, popular restaurants in Harlem. With one half of FP (Kristina) enjoying the sun in Florida, the other half (Allen) trekked through the snow and enjoyed a night of delicious eats!

Here’s a sample of the many delicious items that Allen ate.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was great to catch up with chefs Kelvin Fernandez and Thiago Silva, both of whom have been featured on the blog. Besides tasting delicious food, it’s always great to support C-CAP’s mission of providing career opportunities in the foodservice industry to underserved youth. For more information on C-CAP, visit their website. Hope to see you at the next C-CAP event!

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