Slow Start, Fast Finish

Last Sunday, we visited Harlem, one of our favorite food neighborhoods. We’ve eaten at many establishments including Red Rooster, Evelyn’s Kitchen and Patsy’s. After Allen met Chef Joe Johnson at the C-CAP Annual Benefit, we decided to check out The Cecil.

Outside The Cecil
Outside The Cecil

After we were seated by the host, we enjoyed the decor and paintings on the wall as we checked out the menu. Everything on the menu sounded delicious. While it was not busy yet, we were surprised that no one acknowledged us or even served us water after we were seated. We noticed that people who arrived after us were served before we were. As excited as we were about the menu, we were considering leaving until a server came over to the table and asked us if we were being helped. We stated our surprise and disappointment in waiting and not being served.

Brunch menu
Brunch menu

After considerate words and complimentary cava courtesy of the server and manager, we started with deviled eggs and okra fries. Both were delicious ways to start brunch. We don’t eat okra often but might have to start incorporating it more in our meals. Do you have any favorite okra recipes to share?

For our meal, we shared an order of chicken with grits as well as an order of chicken and a yam pancake. The pancake was delicious and the chicken was nice and crispy. The grits were hearty and filling, which doesn’t happen often for Allen, the hungrier half of FP.

While it was an unusual start to brunch, we’re glad we stayed to enjoy the food. We’ll give The Cecil another try in order to enjoy the ambiance and give the service another shot.

The Cecil
210 W 118th St
NY, NY 10026

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