Pio Pio, Por Favor

With a wealth of restaurant options to choose from in NYC, sometimes it’s nice when friends choose the dinner spot. Recently, Kristina met a few friends at Pio Pio in Hells Kitchen. A NYC institution, Pio Pio has restaurants in four boroughs, where rotisserie chicken and green sauce is key. This was my first visit to the 10th Ave. location, which is surprisingly spacious compared to some of their other spots.

I started my meal with a glass of sangria, which hit the spot after a long work day.


In order to try as many things as possible from the menu, we started with the Perucho Tasting which included a variety of apps. For dinner, we split the Matador Combo, which included rotisserie chicken, yellow rice, beans, tostones, salchipapa and an avocado salad. Thanks to the salad, we didn’t feel completely guilty for the decadent meal. Although the lighting wasn’t ideal, the food certainly was!

Next time we’re in the mood for killer Peruvian fare, we’ll definitely hit up Pio Pio. Have you visited any of their locations?

Pio Pio
604 Tenth Ave.
NY, NY 10036

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