Sweet Victory

Having attended many C-CAP events over the years, we have first-hand knowledge of Pastry Chef Thiago Silva’s culinary talents. A few weeks ago, Chef Thiago’s skills were put on display during an episode of Chopped on Food Network, where he won the $10,000 prize and earned the Champion title. We reached out to him to learn more about this experience on the show.

Pastry Chef, Thiago Silva
Pastry Chef, Thiago Silva

FP: Tell us about your experience on Chopped. What was the hardest ingredient to work with?

TS: Hands down the candied crab! It was something i’ve never had before. Very, very potent fishy flavor, which is not dessert’s best friend. I knew I had to try and hide the flavor a bit. Once I tasted it and saw how dry it was, I thought to turn it to powder and add it to something.

FP: Good to know the candied crab didn’t deter you from winning Chopped!  

Always good to see you at C-CAP Events. What else have you been up to since our last interview back in 2012?

TS: Yes, CCAP events are always my favorite. Since 2012, I’m still working with EMM Group, creating desserts I love. This year we just opened a Catch in Dubai. We will also open in LA, and Mexico.

FP:  Will we see you on TV again?

TS: As for seeing me on TV again, I wouldn’t count me out ha! We shall see.

FP: As a Pastry Chef, please share with us some of the latest pastry trends.

TS: I always feel there are lots of trends but honestly I’m not the pastry chef that follows them. There is one disappointing trend out there. Lots of amazing looking desserts, using multiple techniques but there’ss nothing memorable when it comes to flavor. I’ve been out to dinner and to visit many places where I was wowed by presentation, but flavor is not backing it up. I feel pastry chefs need to go back to developing desserts based on flavor and not looks.

FP: We know from experience that your desserts both look and taste good!

If you could get on a plane tomorrow and go somewhere just for the best pastries, where would you go?

TS: One of my first jobs in the industry was at Fauchon. The NY locations which now do not exist. I fell in love and was introduced to a lot of new pastries, so me visiting them in Paris has been on my radar for a long time. Lots of memories were built there for me, so thats important to me.

FP: Paris for their pastries sounds like a plan! Thank you again for your time and we wish you continued success! 

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