Taste Asia 2015 Recap

Thanks to an invite from Channaly Phillip of Epoch Times, we were excited to attend Taste Asia 2015 last Saturday. It took place in Times Square and the on and off rain certainly didn’t deter the crowd from enjoying the vendors and demonstrations. We were grateful to spend most of the day in the VIP Tent, where we enjoyed conversation with other attendees, watched the Chef Competition on TV (as it was taking place outside) and tried samples from the competition dishes.

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Outside the VIP tent, there were also plenty of vendors to enjoy. From Chicken Banh Mi from Obao to Spicy Cumin Lamb from The Handpulled Noodle and a delicious dosa from Dosa Royale, there was plenty to indulge in throughout the day.

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Did you attend Taste Asia 2015? If so, what did you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter (@foodiepleasure) or email at foodiepleasure@gmail.com. Hope to see you at the event in 2016!

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