So Gong Dong So Good

We were introduced to So Gong Dong in Hartsdale via multiple takeout orders at Allen’s brother’s house. Each time, we enjoyed the food and said to ourselves, “we’ve gotta check this place out in person.” Last Friday, while running errands in the neighborhood, we stopped by for a quick bite. When you walk inside So Gong Dong, you can immediately smell the good food in the air. Although it was fairly busy inside, we were seated very quickly. We started with some popular Korean appetizers (kimchi, bean sprouts and edamame, to name a few). Known for its noodles and tofu offerings, the menu allows you to customize your meal the way you like. With so many options to choose from we settled on the a combination of oysters with ramen (Allen) and the chicken bimbibap (Kristina).

Allen: With a craving for ramen and something spicy, this meal definitely satisfied my taste buds. Add some tofu and oysters to noodles with delicious broth and I am satisfied for sure!

Kristina: I’ve ordered the bimbibap for takeout and enjoyed it, but it was even better in person. The vegetables really make it– a combination of julienned vegetables alongside rice, chicken and an egg is both healthy and delicious!

If you’re in the mood for Korean fare with multiple options at a reasonable price (both meals cost $9.95 each), check out So Gong Dong in Hartsdale on Central Ave located in the shopping complex near H-Mart and Christmas Tree Shoppe. If you have time to burn before or after your meal, you’ll have plenty of shopping options to keep busy!

So Gong Dong
411 N. Central Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530

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