Lunch Break

This fall, Kristina is beginning a new job in Queens which means, among many other things, easy access to a wide variety of delicious food. Here’s her first report from the neighborhood.

Last week, while on-site at the new gig for planning and preparation, my team and I were looking for a quick lunch option that catered to a wide variety of tastes. We ended up at Tamashii Ramen in Astoria, which offers a variety of salads, sides, rice dishes, and of course, ramen. I had a house salad (can’t get enough of the dressing!) and the veggie ramen, which was especially good with kara (spicy sauce) on the side. At only 7.95 for a bowl during lunch, it was filling and well-priced. I even had some leftovers to bring Allen for dinner!

I look forward to trying more restaurants in my work neighborhood, but will definitely return to Tamashii as well. What are some of your favorite spots in Queens? The options are endless!

Tamashii Ramen
2905 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

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