Summer Recap: Michigan

With the brisk fall weather settling in, we’re sad that summer is officially over. As we look forward to leaves changing colors, we look back at our summer starting with our annual trip to Michigan.

Small towns, freshwater beaches, family, friends and fresh fruit make it a treat every year to visit Michigan. This year, we were especially excited to check out Hop Lot, a microbrewery that recently opened in Suttons Bay. In addition to a number of drink options and a small eat-in menu, one of Hop Lot’s highlights is a large yard with picnic tables and yard games. That’s right, what’s better than a pint? A pint while playing cornhole, KanJam or lawn bowling!

Kristina and her dad split a sampler. Each beer offered something different, with Highway Robbery being the favorite of the day. Hop Lot changes their beers regularly and often features ones with local connections, such as the Leelanau Exchange Bourbon Espresso Stout.

A trip to Michigan is not a trip without a visit to a winery. Along with Kristina’s good friend Laura, we visited Skipping Stones Cellars and L. Mawby for some Michigan vino.

Let’s not forget all the food we ate. We stopped by 9 Bean Rows in Suttons Bay for a delicious brunch, trying their famous lamb burger along with a tasty ham and cheese croissant. We also indulged in a greasy hamburger and fish sandwich at the popular J&S Hamburg in downtown Traverse City.

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When we were in the mood for something sweet, the simple solution was simple: visit Moomers!

Scream for ice cream!
Scream for ice cream!

What were some of your summer highlights? Share with us in the comments below or tweet us at @foodiepleasure!

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