Chutney Masala Relocates

Over the years, we’ve eaten at Chutney Masala a few times and tasted its delicious food at local events in Westchester. In addition, we learned more about Chef and Co-Owner Navjot Arora in a past interview. We’re excited to learn that Chef Arora has relocated his award-winning Indian restaurant to 76 Main Street in Irvington, NY. The new location offers Chef Arora the flexibility to expand his offerings in a more intimate setting, but also maintains his commitment to using fresh ingredients.

“We know great food starts with great ingredients,” Arora said. “At Chutney Masala, we only use homemade spices, antibiotic-free chicken, wild seafood, and local, farm fresh produce to give you a unique and authentic Indian cuisine experience. With a larger kitchen, we are adding even more healthier options to our menu including Organic Breads, Gluten-Free Nan, Brown Rice, and Quinoa.”

Current fans of Chutney Masala will have new items on the menu to select from— like Bheja Fry (scrambled goat brain served on nan toast) and also daily specials like Prune-Infused Lamb Shanks, Mutton Paya Soup (Lamb Trotters Soup), and Egg Curry. Chef Arora also plans to host a lunch buffet Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and an extensive weekend brunch buffet Saturday and Sunday from 12-3 p.m., featuring live station offerings.

With the open concept kitchen set up at 76 Main Street, Chef Arora plans to engage the dining community in monthly cooking classes the first Monday of every month.

“Our new location offers a unique setting with a chef ’s demo kitchen that will be used to further educate about healthy Indian cuisine, “Arora said. “Our cooking classes have been so well-received in the past, we will continue to host classes on the first Monday every the month.

Arora’s commitment to educating the local community about authentic cuisines will continue into Spring 2016 as Chef Arora will open a Southeast Asian restaurant, Sambal, in Chutney Masala’s old location (4 West Main Street, Irvington), with Thai, Malaysian and Chinese dishes on the menu.

We enjoy our share of Indian food so we’re looking forward to checking out the new menu at Chutney Masala and also visiting Sambal when  it opens!

Chutney Masala
76 Main Street
Irvington, NY 10533

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