Michigan Memories

While Allen was in Florida recently, Kristina visited family and friends in Michigan. Summertime in Northern Michigan means many things, but wine tasting and fresh fruit rise to the top of the list.

Kristina’s family has operated a fruit farm for four generations. July is cherry season, always a treat! There’s nothing quite like picking cherries fresh from the tree.


Having visited many local wineries over the years, a few have become must-visits. Mawby in Suttons Bay is one such location. The delicious sparkling wine and peaceful location make for the perfect pair. 2 Lads and Chateau Chantal also offer something special on Old Mission. In addition to these spots, Kristina visited Brengman Brothers, Good Harbor, Aurora Cellars and the new Rove Estate, which offered live music on Friday evening.

Being in Michigan often means meals at home, but there was time to check out Georgina’s, a Traverse City spot that offers a variety of fresh dishes. I had the Around the World Tacos with plantains. Additionally, my mom and I took a walk to Little Bee’s Italian Ice, which was delicious. It was my mom’s first time trying gelato, but she took my sister there a few days later so she clearly became a fan!

What are some of your favorite summer spots? Let us know in the comments below!

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