Grand Re-Opening of T&J’s Restaurant

We enjoy eating in Portchester because of the area’s diversity of places to eat. We’ve enjoyed an Italian dinner at Tarry Lodge, a spicy Peruvian meal at Acurio and good ole Mexican food at Spicy Picante.

We’re excited to attend the grand re-opening of T&J’s Restaurant at its new location at 10 North Pearl Street on Wednesday, November 9. After being at T&J’s Westchester Avenue location for 26 years, owners John Ruggiero and Ray Sassano decided to move to a larger location to accommodate an ever-growing customer base. The new renovated location offers a warm and cozy atmosphere where everyone is made to feel like family.

T&J Restaurant’s new location offers delivery and takeout service, a grand dining room, outside seating via patio and a penthouse room upstairs to accommodate private parties and special events. The restaurant also offers gelato, a wine and beer bar, and new pasta machine, which helps make fresh homemade pasta every day. In addition, there is free convenient parking across the street!

From the look of the menu at T&J’s, it looks like we’re in for a delicious treat. We hope to see you there!

T&J’s Restaurant
10 Pearl Street
Portchester, NY 10573

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