Hot History: Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate

1/22/17-Editor’s Note: This event has been cancelled

Winter is in full gear with snow falling and temperatures dropping so we’re excited that Francine Segan will be talking all things hot with Hot History: Cofeee, Tea & Hot Chocolate on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at the 92Y.

Francine Segan, Food Historian, Author and Public Speaker

Guests will learn about the exciting origins of coffee, tea and chocolate tracing their discovery and travels around the world. Learn how each liquid goes from tree to drink, how to brew the perfect cup and new trends to cook with each.

Other interesting topics will include why tea was kept under lock and key in England; differences between white, green and black tea: and the aphrodisiac reputation of hot chocolate. Along with historical content, the talk will include tastings courtesy of the Specialty Food Association and Sofi Award finalists and winners.

Over the years, we’ve attended many of Francine’s talks including the talk about food in Queens and  have learned that her talks are both informative and delicious. You’ll be in for a treat!

Hot History: Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate
Tuesday, January 24
Lexington Ave at 92nd Street

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