Tax Season in Chinatown

Written by Allen

Every year in March means a trip to files my taxes with my accountant in Chinatown. In anticipation of receiving a return (hopefully),  I always treat myself to dinner at one of the many popular and delicious restaurants in the neighborhood. For the past few years, I would walk by Nom Wah Tea Parlor with fingers crossed that there wouldn’t be a long line but reality would set in due to the restaurant’s extreme popularity.


However, this year to my surprise (and with help from Blizzard Stella), there wasn’t a line outside and I was seated immediately. Upon browsing and seeing cilantro rolls on the menu, it bought me back to my teenage years when I would go shopping in Flushing with my parents and would always purchase cilantro rolls without hesitation. Of course, I had to order dim sum!

With pan fried noodles on my mind, I was so confused when the server bought over Chinese broccoli to the table. I guess I was too excited and checked off broccoli on the paper rather than pan fried noodles. Rather than have the server return the broccoli, I decided to go all in and eat both plates!

If you have’t been to Nom Wah while visiting Chinatown, you’re missing out! I know I’ll return for another year. Maybe next year I’ll even wait on the long line because the food is that good!

Nom Wah Tea Parlor
13 Doyers Street
Chinatown, NYC
(212) 962-6047 

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