Cedar Street Grill Launches New Concept with Fall Menu

A few short weeks ago, Cedar Street Grill in Dobbs Ferry, celebrated its sixth anniversary as the “true American” go-to location, pairing craft cocktails with their signature fried chicken and “angry” cauliflower. This past weekend, chef-owner Matt Kay softly launched a new concept with his new fall menu.

While Cedar Street’s commitment to flavor and local ingredients remains the same, Kay and new Chef de Cuisine Justin Ortiz (formerly of Wolf and Lamb and Michelin-rated The Breslin) added elevated offerings for a more upscale presentation without losing the American grill appeal. Fan favorites like chicken wings, fried chicken, and Brussels sprouts will remain. However some dishes, like the Cedar Street burger received a slight “facelift” with the addition of in-house cured maple bacon.

Justin Ortiz, Chef de Cuisine at Cedar Street Grill

The new items on the fall menu, such as tomato and carrot bisque with cheddar tuile, confit carrot, and micro basil, are full of flavor and pack real punch showcasing the new techniques and detail Ortiz adds to the kitchen. In addition, the new menu features comfort-food items like chicken liver mousse served with crusty bread, pickled pearl onions, and spiced fig jam.

The effort and benefit of “housemade” doesn’t end there, with an addition of made-in-house pasta dishes like ravioli with marscapone, cured egg yolk, sage, and parmigiano and the braised pork ragu cavatelli.

“When I started to realize we were getting close to our sixth year, I started focusing on what’s next,” Kay said. “I knew I could naturally transition Cedar Street to be this great balance between family-friendly and first date spot. I just needed the right team in place. Justin was the key ingredient to be where I wanted to be.”

Matt Kay, Chef-Owner of Cedar Street Grill

While Ortiz spends most of his time in the kitchen, Kay makes the transition to running the restaurant in a front of house role. “Ensuring our customers receive the same stellar service only rounds out the experience at Cedar Street,” Kay said.

Cedar Street Grill
23 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

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