Charcuterie Masters 2018

The best of the best charcuterie artisans from the U.S. and Canada—makers of sausages, patés, hams, salumi, and more—vie for top honors at the third annual Charcuterie Masters taking place on Saturday, February 24 at Flushing Town Hall.


Attendees will enjoy unlimited tasting of more than 60 kinds of charcuterie, including exquisite prosciutto from Cesare Casella and sumptuous Portuguese Alentejano ham from Rodrigo Duarte who will also be doing a butchery demonstration of this forerunner to the pig that produces Spain’s famed jamon de pata negra. There will also be exquisite pâté en croute from Chef Timothy Foley of Le District.


Guests will have a chance to meet the charcutiers as well as taste exquisite dishes prepared by top NYC chefs, including Pitmaster Josh Bowen of Queens’ very own John Brown Smokehouse. Pairings will include beer from Long Island City’s Fifth Hammer Brewing as well as selections from Brooklyn Cider House. VIP guests will have access to the festival one hour earlier and a chance to enjoy exclusive selections from Muncan Food Corp.

Charcuterie Masters 2018 is a landmark event for new, interested and seasoned charcutiers competing for the Charcuterie Masters Crown; judged by an incredibly talented judges panel.

There are twelve (12) categories:

  • Whole Muscle
  • Fermented Sausage
  • Dry Cured Sausage / Salami
  • Country Ham / Jamon / Prosciutto
  • Bacon – Cold Smoked
  • Bacon – Hot Smoked
  • Bacon – Green (Unsmoked)
  • Emulsified (Mortadella, Hot Dogs, Bologna)
  • Fat (Salo, Lardo, Whipped Lardo)
  • Pate, Terrine, Galantine
  • N’duja
  • Freestyle (Crossovers/Creatives)

A $65 general admission ticket entitles guests to explore unlimited tasting and sampling of all food and beverages. Additionally, there will be $125 VIP tickets sold, which will allow access to a special hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. enabling VIP guests to enjoy early access to the entire festival as well as exclusive selections from Astoria’s very own old world charcutier Muncan Food Corp.

Charcuterie Masters 2018
Saturday, February 24
Flushing Town Hall

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