Beef Boss

It’s the middle of summer, which means two things: the air conditioner is on full blast at our place and a new series of Chopped Grill Masters is airing on Food Network. In a recent episode, Chef Ashley Pado displayed her talents on the grill and showed why, as the Head Chef at Certified Angus Beef, … More Beef Boss

Ready for Redemption

We’ve all heard the saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Learning from minor mistakes during his first time on Chopped, Chef Timothy Witcher recently displayed his culinary talents once again and this time around, won Chopped Redemption. We caught up with him to learn more about him. FP: Tell us about … More Ready for Redemption

Singin’ her own Song

We’re sure that there have been many times over the course of your career or personal life, that you wished  you had a second chance. On Chopped Redemption, four chefs recently had the opportunity avenge defeat  from their first go-around. While she didn’t win again, Chef Anastacia Song was gracious enough to answer our questions. Read … More Singin’ her own Song